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Warning - nuclear materials

Convoys, Accidents and Safety

  • Ministry of Defence Contract for supporting the nuclear weapons convoy (obtained Oct 2010)
  • NARO – Nuclear Accident Response Organisation Plans. See p37 on deconfliction and p51 on exercises. Defence Nuclear Accident Response JSP 471 (pdf) (local copy, original now removed)
  • Nuclear Accident Exercise Programme
  • Greenpeace report on the transport of plutonium oxide nuclear fuel
    across France in truck convoys: The French convoys are lightly guarded civilian convoys, and are therefore not really comparable to weapons convoys in this country, but it’s interesting to look at the way Greenpeace have done their risk analysis.
  • Joint Service Publication (JSP) 392 Instructions for Radiation Protection, see here. Includes the Transport and movement of radioactive materials. The purpose of these instructions is to enable Ministry of Defence (MOD) units (including Defence Agencies) to comply with legislation relating to radiation protection. Where such regulations are not applicable to, or enforceable in, Ministry of Defence establishments the Ministry has undertaken by agreement with the relevant Government Department that UK health, safety and environmental standards will be applied where reasonably practicable.

Nuclear Weapons in the UK

  • For a factsheet on the new Criminal Trespass law which will apply on many nuclear-related military sites from 1st April 2006 see here.
  • Trident and the future of the British Nuclear Deterrent. House of Commons Standard Note: SN/IA/3706. Last updated: 5 July 2005. Includes developments at AWE Aldermaston.



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Nukewatch Policy

We think that it is very important that Nukewatch continues to monitor the safety of UK nuclear warhead convoys, and that Convoy dangers are highlighted to the general public and those along its routes.

But we still think it's important that Nukewatch is not seen to be helping potential terrorists. So we do not put technical information on the websites such as vehicle number plates and short break locations in lay-bys. We only put out convoy movements in advance to our own network. This also means that we would not alert the media in advance, except to contact known and trusted journalists who might come along to report a convoy passing.